Hot Weather Policy

Is The Delivery Refrigerated?

All hampers containing chocolate will be delivered with an ice-pack insert and temp shield foil bubble wrap  between the months of October-April. 

When meeting your requirements regarding our chocolate coated products, our promise to provide the highest quality products may not be met, as the chocolate coated products used, have a low melting point during hot weather.

We will endeavour to the best of our ability to prevent chocolates being spoilt in hot weather conditions, but we will not take any responsibility for the chocolate melting during the delivery of the chocolate gift box hamper products.

Non-Chocolate Gift Box Hampers Option

Should you have any concerns regarding warm weather, please choose a non-chocolate gift box hamper.

Our Blackbutt (Mixed Range) and Summer Beauty/Rivergum (Lolly Lover) hampers are available with a non-chocolate alternative. This option is displayed within the screen that displays the product description and image of the gift box hamper.

You also have the option of choosing any of our other non-chocolate gift box hampers e.g. Wattle (Nut Lover) and Eucalyptus (Healthy Choice).

If you require any further information regarding this matter please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 79 39 49 and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help.